Friday, November 22, 2013

Do Kyungsoo, get well soon!!

[NEWS] EXO’s D.O Injured During 2013 MAMA Performance

EXO’s D.O had his right ankle injured during the group’s performance at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards on November 22. He ended up seeking treatment for his injury at a local hospital.

EXO’s agency, SM Entertainment, said that D.O complained of pain in his right ankle after EXO finished their MAMA performance, and he was immediately taken to a nearby hospital in Hong Kong for medical examination and emergency treatment. As a result, he was not on stage with the rest of the EXO members to receive the Album of the Year award.

According to hospital results, D.O did not suffer any damage to the bone, and is planning to receive physical treatment as soon as he returns to Korea on November 23. According to the representative, D.O’s injury is not serious and can be treated adequately with physical therapy.

EXO performed hit songs “Growl” and “Wolf” and received a warm response for their top-notch performance. The performance, titled “A Sweet Dream,” began with the EXO members tied to their desks, with the members breaking free from their bonds and launching into an energetic performance of “Growl.” This was followed by a martial arts-dance battle between Kai and Luhan. Their next song, “Wolf,” moved to the center stage and made good use of the floor lighting to amplify their performance. Despite injuring his ankle while performing, D.O displayed his fighting spirit, finishing off the performance without even a hint of injury.

Singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin left a positive comment on his Twitter account, saying, “Ah cool. That’s why EXO is EXO.”

EXO released their first studio album, “XOXO,” this year and are approaching the 1 million mark in album sales. They won the Album of the Year at the 2013 MAMA, and in their acceptance speeches, one comment that struck a note was to “just enjoy the moment.” I’m sure they’ll be doing just that!



p/s : seriously, Do Kyungsoo.
you need to get well soon,
because you would never know how much EXOcytocesis will miss you.
jjinjaeyo, get well, oppa!!

I miss the naive and innocent Do Kyungsoo,
not the know-how-to-hide-your-pain Do Kyungsoo..
I admire the old you!!

the moment when you honestly excited playing balloons with Chanyeol and never cross to your mind that Kris is afraid of it

the moment went you smile from ear to ear just because you're
able to perform on the stage together with your beloved hyung

the moment when he happily guested in the Kiss the Radio,
together with his best buddy, Kim Jong Dae and his beloved sunbae, Ryeowook

aih.. Do Kyungsoo oppa, seriously..
you don't know how much I worried about you yesterday, don't you?
I don't think you realised that you had made countless fans of yours almost had a heart attack once they realised that you're not there when they announce EXO won the special award.
don't you?
btw, get well soon!!



Best Dance Performance – Female Solo: CL
Best Dance Performance – Female Group: SISTAR
Nissan Juke Best Music Video: G-Dragon, Coup d’Etat
Best New Female Artist: Crayon Pop
Best New Male Artist: Roy Kim
Best OST: Yoon Mirae, Touch Love for Master’s Sun
Best Dance Performance – Male Solo: G-Dragon, Crooked
Best Dance Performance – Male Group: SHINee
Best Vocal Performance – Female Solo: Ailee, U&I
Best Vocal Performance – Male: Lee Seung Gi
Best Rap Performance: Dynamic Duo
Best Band Performance: Busker Busker
Best Female Group: Girls′ Generation
Best Male Group: Infinite
Best Concert Performer: Lee Seung Chul
Best Female Artist: Lee Hyori
Best Male Artist: G-Dragon
BC UnionPay Song of the Year: Cho Yong Pil, Bounce
BC UnionPay Artist of the Year: G-Dragon
BC UnionPay Album of the Year: EXO, XOXO

Red Carpet Special Prize: Lee Jung Hyun
Discovery of the Year: Baechigi
Style in Music: SISTAR
Next Generation Global Star – Female: A Pink
Sony MDR World Wide Performer: Infinite
International Favorite Artist: Ylvis
Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award: Stevie Wonder

(credit) Ririn Parklee Kwonchoi 

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