Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Chen + Baekhyun = sweetest friendship ever!!!

it'd been quite a long time since I wrote in this blog of mine..

well, I'm sure all of Exotics know that recently EXO showtime is rising gradually..
and it has been ranked as one of the most famous reality show in Korea!
even I love this show..
why?? because this show able to reveal the true side of each EXO members..

for an example,
the maknae line (Sehun and Kai) is not that innocent,
the leader (Suho) always wanna grab attention from the members,
cool guy (Kris) is not that cold actually,
the strength of EXO (Kyungsoo) is quite fragile in his own way,
ChenBaek is real. (OMG! baekhyun and chen is real!!)

there's a part in ep 4,
 where they're exchanging the presents among the members during Christmas Day. 
the rule is, the present must costed around 10,000 won only.

Chen gave Sehun a movie ticket.
Sehun gave Baekhyun two cups of bubble tea.
Baekhyun gave Chen his own photocard,
written, "am I pretty? I'm yours now~"
then he giggled while talking sweetly to Chen : "take me with you, Chen~"

ChenBaek, is so cheesy and sweet!!!!
I was dying while watching that episode at that time..
their friendship, is too amazing!!

I still remember in the previous episode,
where they had to buy presents for Chanyeol secretly for his birthday..
Sehun walks with Kai,
Kyungsoo with Suho,
Xiumin with Lay and Luhan,
Tao with Kris,
Chanyeol alone,
and Chen walks together happily with Baekhyun.

at 1st, they're babbling and nagging that they should'd not walk together since both of them are not from Seoul.. they might got lost easily..
but then... when they started trying clothes in random boutique,
they're so happy trying new outfit together,
not caring at all whether they'll get lost or what..
and guess what?
they bought Chanyeol a set of pyjama's clothes, TOGETHER!
and Chanyeol could guess who gave it to him......... SO EASILY!
jyeah~ beagle line is real!!

by the way,
I can't wait for their much more amazing performances next year.
beagle line, FIGHTING!

p/s : I heard that the photocard given by Baekhyun to Chen went missing not that long after the day they're celebrating the Christmas Day together..
Chen felt so down, for losing that amusing picture..
but then........ Suho tried to persuade him, by giving his photo album to Chen as an exchange to that photocard of Baekhyun.
Chen just laugh, and went off~
ㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋ


  1. Assalamualaikum ^_^
    Sorry that i've just found this..pastu rasa mcm nak komen sgt2 ^^ xtau la nak komen bm ke bi ni..rojak je la.. is it right that the picture went missing?? Seriously nak tau sgt.. always love their friendship - baekchen/beagles ^_^ and then suho gave his photo album?? Haha..dia buat lawak plak..suho suho

    1. well... that's what I heard. not sure if that's true or not. that's what other exostan told me. ops.. I mean, EXO-L. they're the one who told me that somehow Chen lost the photocard and Suho was taking advantage to win Chen's heart by giving him his photo album instead. kyahahaha~


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