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Boyfriend Scenario : How We First Met

Kim DongHyun:
It was like every other hot day in Seoul.
You were wearing your new outfit you had bought the other day;
cute light denim shorts, khaki green shirt, and your new tan wedges.
Not only where you excited about wearing your new outfit you had a feeling today was going to be a good one.
You were going to meet up with some friends, have lunch and maybe go shopping.
You opened the door to the cafe you and your best friend where suppose to be meeting at.
You took a seat near the window, set your bag on the table and pulled out a magazine and looked it over.
You heard your phone beeping; someone was calling.
You ravaged through your bag until finally finding it.
You flipped it open, “Yobosayo?” You asked, you where too much in a hurry to find your phone rather then look at who was calling.

“Ah, ______! I texted you a few times but you never answered! Anyways I can’t make it today… My brother got in a car accident. He’s fine just a few scrapes and all but I just want to stay home with him today. Is that ok?” It was your best friend. “No, no I understand, go ahead. We can reschedule.” you said, “Mm… Mhmm… Ok Annyeong.” you hung up.
“Omo…” You sighed putting your phone down and resting your head on your right hand.
“Well now what…” You asked yourself. “Might as well get a coffee while I’m here. ” You said to yourself.
You got up and stumbled, you where still breaking in your new shoes.
Reaching for the counter behind you to balance yourself, you accidentally swung your arm out too wide and smacked someones coffee out of their hands.
It splattered on the ground on both of your shoes.
“Oh my gosh!” You said quickly looking to the guy then to his coffee on the floor.
“I’ll go get some napkins! I’m so, so sorry!” You said running, grabbing a whole canister of napkins off of the nearest table.

You knelt down with the guy, cleaning up the mess.
While in the midst of cleaning up the guy took off his sunglasses,
“I’m Kim DongHyun.” He said, with a slight smile.
“Oh, I’m ______.” You bowed your head in respect to him, he was really good looking and you where totally embarrassed.
You thought you where getting over your clumsy stage. You didn’t know who he was but he was cute.
“I’ll buy you a new coffee.” You offered.
He shook his head, “I’ll buy you a coffee.” He said helping you up off the floor. He grabbed the dirty napkins and threw them away.

After talking to him for hours over coffee you both exchanged numbers.
Only weeks later did the MV “Boyfriend” by the boy band Boyfriend air,
did you realize you had crashed into a the leader of that boyband; this going to be a fun ride.

Hyun Seong:
Boyfriend was a rookie band, they where all cute,
and they sang really well, to be honest you where somewhat obsessed.
Not in a creepy way but in the way you support them, you love them, and you’d die if you met them.
It was your birthday and you wanted nothing more than to meet them, Boyfriend.
You never were the rich type, nor poor; these past few months you had been working your butt off just to get one ticket to the Boyfriend concert.
Finally you were able to purchase them online and bam; you were set.
Although you weren’t going to meet the bands since you barely raised enough to get just one ticket,
you were just excited to see them live.
As you were getting ready, making sure to look your best, you heard a knock on your door.
“Honey, its me and your father.” You heard your mom say behind the door. “Oh come in.” You said.

They where hiding something; you could tell. You turned your attention to them.
“We have a surprise for you,” your mom said, “and it couldn’t wait til after the concert.” Your father handed you an envelope.
“Whats this?” You asked.
“Just open it.” Your father said with a smile.
Inside was a V.I.P back stage pass to meet Boyfriend!
You screamed and stomped your feet. You jumped up and hugged both your parents.
You ran around your room, “I have to pick something else to wear! Oh my gosh what am I going to wear?!”

[Fastforward] The concert was over and your heart was pounding. They finally let the VIP’s backstage.
Only problem was you were late, and the last VIP.
You saw the arrows pointing where to go but it was like each door you opened wasn’t the right one.
You weren’t sure how long you where searching for one small room, it was driving you crazy.
The halls were vacant, until you heard quiet foot steps coming your way. You turned around,
“Uhm excuse me could you help me get to the VIP room?” You asked the guy;
before you could take back your words you realized who it was.
“Hy-Hyun Seong…” You said to yourself.
“Oh, sure, I’m heading that way right now.” He said, showing you the way.
“So did you get lost?” He asked you.
You where embarrassed, to be frank, Hyun Seong was one of your favorites,
“Ye-yeah…” you said quietly. He nodded, “I use to get lost, no worries.”

Back in the back room where a few other VIP girls; you didn’t want to seem concieted but you noticed a lot of the time Hyun was talking to only you.
It made you feel special.
As the VIP session ended all the VIP’s waved bye.
You walked down the hall trying to find a way out, you felt someone nudge your side,
“I’ll show you out… If you’ll give me your number?” None other than Hyun Seong stood there with a sly smile on his lips.

Lee JeongMin:
Your father was a new director for k-pop stars.
On days, like today, were you have nothing to do, you usually come with your father to his work to help him set things up or help him with opinions.
“So today we are working with a new band called ‘Boyfriend.’” Your father said as you both set up the set.
You placed a few things on a table and a few chairs around the set.
“Oh really?” You asked curious as to what these boys looked like, let alone sounded like.
They had to be good.
“Sir, they are here. ” Your dads co-worker said.
He nodded, “Alright lead them in.” he said.
You sat down and took a sip of water watching the door waiting to see what these boys where like.

After a few minutes of waiting you grew impatience and went back to one of the dress rooms’ bathroom.
You checked your makeup and hair, not that you cared too much but you did care enough to not look horrid.
You opened the bathroom door and there stood a boy gazing around his dress up room.
You went red, “Ann-Annyeong!” You said, bowing to him.
He bowed back, “Oh Annyeong!” he said with a smile.
“Are you the directors daughter? He was wondering where you were!” The boy said.
I nodded, “Oh thanks.”
As you exited the room the boy called back, “I’m Lee JeongMin. I hope we can work together well. ” He said.
You turned around and nodded, “Me too.”

After rehearsal was over you couldn’t help but keep watching JeongMin,
something about him attracted you.
He turned around and stared at you, you quickly looked away.
You heard foot steps getting closer, “Oh my gosh, he’s coming over here..” you said quietly.
“Annyeong!” He said with a smile.
You gave a shy smile back, “Hello.” You said.
“How do you think we are doing?” He asked.
You nodded, “Mm you guys are really good to be honest!” You said, you were amazed.
“Good. You never told me your name.” He said sitting down next to you.
“I’m ______.” You said, looking over at him with a small smile.
He looked at his lap and smiled, “I hope we get to work with your father more often…” Your heart skipped a beat.
Secretly, you hoped so too.

Jo KwangMin:
It wasn’t a secret.
Everyone knew that you knew the Jo twins from the boyband Boyfriend.
Well not every one but almost everyone in your school.
You use to go to school with them, until you moved out of Seoul. You even remember how you met… It was probably one of the happiest moments of your life.

[5 months ago] You arrived at school late. You didn’t have any money for a bus ride so you had to walk, and it was a walk. You had to stand outside your class room because your teacher wasn’t going to let a late person in his room.
Embarrassed you slid down the wall and put your head in your knees.
“Omo… “You sighed.
“Excuse me?” You heard a soft voice say,
“Are you alright?” You looked up and saw Jo KwangMin standing in front of you.
“Yeah I’m fine.” You said and smiled softly.
He stood by you, “Were you late too?” He asked. I nodded.
“I’m late a lot of the time too but they let me in because I’m famous.” he said,
“I don’t think its quite fair so this time I told them I’d wait. Instead of waiting I decided to roam the school though.” he said with a small laugh.
He sat down beside you, “I’m KwangMin, But i’m sure you already knew that, huh?” He asked.
You nodded, “Yeah, I’m ______. Nice to actually meet you.” You said smiling at him.
He nodded , “Nice to meet you too.”

After that incident you both met after school or during school just to talk.
And eventually you met the other twin.
Now that you moved away from Seoul you wish nothing more than to go back to Kwangmin and away from these annoying fangirls asking for their number.

Jo YoungMin:
You had been attending the School of Preforming Arts in Seoul for quite some time now you hadn’t had any recently new students so when you finally heard you were getting one new student you were excited.
The door opened and in came your teacher with a blond headed boy.
All the girls screamed, “Its Youngmin! Its Jo Youngmin!”
All he did was smile and slightly wave to the squealing girls.
“Jo Youngmin?” You asked yourself, “Who’s that?”
A girl next to you scuffed, “You don’t know who he is? Thats pathetic.” she said.

You raised an eyebrow and went to speak but the teacher spoke before you,
“_____, Did you have something to say?” He asked you. You shook your head.
“Good. As some of you already know, this is Jo Youngmin from Boyfriend. He will be attending school with you guys, please don’t make him a distraction.” the teacher said. Youngmin bowed, the teacher told him to take the seat next to you.
Youngmin walked down the aisle with a smile on his face, aiming it to you. Your heart skipped a beat. Who was he again?

“Annyeong..” Youngmin said quietly, “I don’t have my books yet, do you mind if we share?” He asked.
You shook your head, “Its fine.”
You opened your book and slid it to your desk corner.
Still unable to see what was on the book Youngmin slid his desk side by side to yours.
He smiled at you and looked up to the teacher.
After class was over Young min stretched his arms you glanced over at him and at that second he glanced down at you.
You quickly looked away.
“Do you know our band?” He asked you.
You shook your head, “But I’m guessing your famous?”
He nodded, “Just a bit. We’re knew. I’m Youngmin I have a twin brother Kwangmin.” he said.
“And you are?” He asked.
You looked over at him, “Well I’m _____.” You said.
He nodded, “Lets get along well this school year.” He said with the sweetest smile.

No Minwoo:
After lunch the students get free time in the gym.
You and a few friends where hanging out behind a basketball goal.
You were joking around and just having a good time until, BAM.
Hard as rock something hit you in the back of the head, knocking you out for only a few seconds.
The next thing you know you’re slowly waking up on the ground of the gym with two twins, another boy, and your two best friends trying to snap you awake.
The younger looking boy took you behind the shoulders and pushed you to sit up.
“Are you ok?!” He asked worried,
“I didn’t mean to throw the ball so hard! I didn’t even mean to hit you!” He said worried.
You rubbed the back of your head,
“What happened? Where are my glasses?” You asked looking around at the people surrounding you.
“Your glasses broke… when you fell back, they fell off and Minwoo sort of stepped on them…” You heard your friend say.
“Minwoo, You should take her to the nurse.” Kwangmin said, nudging him on the side.
Your vision was a bit blurry but you could tell the two Jo twins where in front of you,
your two friends where to each side of you and this cute boy whose name you couldn’t quite remember was supporting you.

Minwoo slowly helped you stand,
“Lets go to the nurse.” he said taking your hand and helping you to the nurse.
Your head pounded, what was that that hit you? A soccer ball? Volleyball?
“I’m really sorry.” Minwoo said looking back at you as he lead you down the hall.
“I hit you in the back of the head and broke your glasses!” He said, looking down at his hand holding the broken lenses.
You shook your head,
“Its ok, It was about time I got a new pair anyways. Maybe now my parents will just get me contacts.” you said trying to reassure him.
“I just have a really bad headache is all.” You said.

After arriving to the nurses office the nurse gave you some Tylenol for your headache and told you to rest or lay down for the rest of free time.
Minwoo decided to stay and keep you company.
“Since you can’t see I can help you to your classes the rest of the day we have the same classes after all.” he said.
You thought to yourself, ‘we do? I don’t remember… ’ You were some what happy.
“Its the least I can do. I’ll help write things down for you too.” He said.
You smiled,
“Thanks. Your Minwoo right?” You asked.
He nodded, “And your _____?” He asked.
You nodded in reply, “Mhm.” You where happy to know he knew your name, you couldn’t stop smiling.

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Buat Awak yg Saya Sayangi.. :)

kenapa awak bersikap seperti ini?
memandang saya sama seperti gadis2 lain?
adakah saya tidak istimewa walaupun sedikit?
saya tak mahu sama seperti gadis2 yang pernah awak cintai

tak boleh ke awak buka pintu hati awak?
sedikit sahaja, awak?
saya langsung tak ada peluang nak masuk
kerna awak seola-olah tidak memberi peluang kepada saya
walaupun sedikit

saya sendiri tak sangka yang saya akan jatuh cinta pada awak
kerna tahun lepas saya sukakan kawan baik awak
tapi sangat mengejutkan, tahun ini saya sukakan awak
mungkin kerana tahun lepas saya asyik memerhatikan kawan awak sahaja
namun, lama kelamaan, mata saya terpandang awak sekali
pandangan itulah yang membuatkan saya tertanya-tanya
siapa nama awak? awak ni jenis lelaki yang macam mana? adakah awak sudah ada kekasih?
benar, saya tidak tipu

tahun ini pula, awak sekelas dengan saya
satu jam subjek English yang awak kena bentangkan di hadapan kelas
membuatkan saya asyik memandang awak seorang sahaja
sehinggakan saya perlu mengulangkaji semula di rumah
saya tidak dapat fokus akan apa yang diterangkan awak di dalam kelas
awak sangat comel ketika itu, awak
wajah awak yang takut pentas
senyuman keresahan awak
penggunaan bahasa inggeris awak yang kelakar
segalanya tampak indah ketika itu di mata saya, awak

kenapa awak kata saya sukakan 'orang tu'?
awak pun tahukan 'orang tu' adalah kawan baik saya sendiri?
mana mungkin lah saya akan sukakn kawan baik saya sendiri?
segila mana pun saya, saya takkan sukakn kawan baik sendiri
itulah prinsip hidup saya
adakah kerana itu awak tidak dapat menerima hati saya?

awak, bagilah saya peluang
untuk saya buktikan yang saya benar2 sukakan awak
saya sungguh tidak bisa hidup tanpa awak
hari2 mendung saya kian cerah dengan hadirnya awak dalam hidup saya
kebosanan belajar saya kian ditangani dengan datangnya senyuman dari bibir awak

setiap kali awak lalu tepi kelas saya,
awak tahu apa yang saya fikirkan?
kenapa awak tak pandang saya? kenapa awak mesti jalan dengan kawan awak? awak tak fikirkan saya?

pernah tak awak pertimbangkan tentang perasaan saya pada awak?
saya rasa tak, dan saya rasa mungkin ya
tapi awak tak pernah bagi jawapan pun?
saya tertunggu-tunggu dan tertanya-tanya, awak
agak2 la kan, bila ya awak hendak berikan jawapan awak kepada saya?
mungkinkah, awak fikir saya hanya sukakan awak hanya untuk seketika?
oh tidak, itu tidak benar, sama sekali tidak!
perasaan saya pada awak tidak akan pernah luntur!
walaupun naluri saya mengatakan awak dah reject saya
tapi saya tetap sukakan awak

pernah juga saya terfikir
mungkinkah saya patut give up je?
dan serahkan awak kepada orang lain?
awak seolah-olah awak tidak mengizinkannya
kenapa ya?
awak nak mempermainkan perasaan saya, ya?
haha, saya terlalu sukakan awak malah saya telah sayangkan awak
hinggakan saya berasa begitu sukar sekali untuk saya melupakan dan melepaskan awak pergi

andai kata hari ini adalah hari jujur sedunia, apa ya yang awak akan katakan kepada saya?
hahaha, saya tidak tahu apa yang akan awak ucapkan
tapi, saya sangat yakin
untuk katakan yang saya sangat menyayangi awak melebihi saya menyayangi orang sebelum ini
dan awak pasti tidak akan mempercayai apa yang saya katakan itu
ya, ya
semua orang cakap saya ni 'cakap tak serupa bikin'
tapi kalau awak memang dah sah tak sukakan saya, untuk apa saya teruskan?
perlukah saya terus gila bayang jika hati awak bukan milik saya?

saya sukakan awak
sepenuh jiwa dan raga saya
saya harap
awak dapat memberikan jawapan awak kepada saya
saya tunggu tau.. =)

Understand him... :)

Sometimes - sometimes,
When he refused,
When he was away,
When he avoided,

Not because he hates you ...
Not because you clapped a hand ...
Not because you just feel a sense of it all ...

But because he knows,
And because he is aware,
That's not how,
This is not the time,
Although he had felt the same.

He did that,
Because he don't want to 'damage' you ....
He doesn't want you slandered by his ...
Understand him,
And forgive him.

Kadang – kadang,
Bila dia menolak,
Bila dia menjauh,
Bila dia mengelak,

Bukan sebab dia membenci kamu…
Bukan kerana kamu seorang yang bertepuk sebelah tangan…
Bukan kerana cuma kamu seorang yang merasakan segala rasa itu…

Tetapi kerana dia tahu,
Dan kerana dia sedar,
Ini bukan caranya,
Ini bukan masanya,
Walaupun dia punya rasa yang sama.

Dia melakukan itu,
Kerana tak mahu ‘merosakkan’ kamu….
Kerana tak mahu kamu terfitnah oleh dirinya…
Fahamilah dia,
Dan maafkan dia.

p/s : mencintai manusia terkadang membuatkan kita mencintai dia melebihi Allah