Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kyu Hyun think Donghae was the most strong heart guy.. :)


Kyuhyun: "This was my first time being away from home such as going for a long time abroad. Our fans provide warmth, but I still can not eliminate the longing of my parents. And it is the first time I understood Han Geng hyung. I want crying because I missed my parents. But donghae hyung always there to cheer me silent ". I know that hyung misses his parents more than other people-his father now in heaven, and his mother in Mokpo. Even if he does mention his dead father. Hyung never cried in front of the camera. Has a sensitive personality, hyung often wept. But because he had promised his father that he would not cry anymore because of sadness. Hyung was so handsome when he's strong "

Donghae oppa, please be strong..
I know that your heart is as fragile as glass..
but, you don't need to cry.. You have all the members around you..
and, you also have us, ELF.. we always support you, oppa...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saengil-chugha again! ^^


alright.. this time, it is my 3rd BIAS..
I am a bit late.. mianhae...... :)

oppa.. your birthday was 15 october.. I am sorry...
because at that time, I was having a trip with my classmates at Langkawi..
I am late wishing you happy birthday bcs of that...
but still, I never forget you oppa!! :) :)

there's a time when eunhyuk said that once before, he like Donghae..
Donghae was so shocked at that time yelling, 'WHAT!!?????'
haha.. Eunhyuk oppa only able to smile and kept on saying that it was only before..
now he thought Donghae as a friend only.. but, still I cant believe in him.. hahaha

oppa.. someday soon, when you are already a big star, never thought of leaving Super Junior, okay??
I am already insane when KiBum, Hankyung and Kangin leave SuJu..
while now Hee Chul oppa are leaving temporarily...

oppa... even you are 5cm shorter than my 2nd BIAS (Jo Kwangmin), it's okay..
you are still manly, oppa.. kekekeke :D

oppa.. you are now 25 years old, right?
even everyone are saying you getting older, I never thought that in my mind..
because, you are always 'fresh' and 'new' in my mind..

oppa, saranghae.. :)

ah! there's one more thing!!
Mnet Music Video Chart – Super Junior

Credit: @0203KYU0105EUN
Reupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (

*The top 3 music videos are all from Super Junior!!!*

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OMO, my pageview reached 3000 views!!


OMG.. I had just finished my PMR examination..
so, I just wanna view my blog for awhile..
and guess what? last time it was 2000+ views but today,
it is 3000! :D

United States........141
United Kingdom......12

actually, I wanna express something..
my teacher had planned a trip for us (FORM 3) after we finished our PMR..
and my parents had allowed me to join the trip at first..
but now, at last minutes, they cancelled it..
it really unfair to me!! what do you think?? :(

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sorry, but I love you...


love is pain..
this is dedicated to all broken-hearted people.. :)

I am so sick of love songs,
that keeps saying love is like heaven..
I hate damn love songs, memento of ours..

A late night and rains falling down,
I bring you back from my memories,
I promised myself I would be fine without you..
But, I can't help it....

I had try to fill my empty heart,
A day without you is too long,
I pray that I may forget you..
That's a lie...

Without you,
happiness cannot be found in me..
I can't even shed any tears..
I don't want to live anymore....

It's sucks,
It's pissing me off,
in thoughts of you..
urgh, I am going crazy...
I want to see you,
but I am being told that I can't,
It's all over...

I am so sorry but I love you,
I didn't know,
but now I know that I need you..

I am so sorry but I love you,
I pushed you away with those piercing words,
without realising..

I am so sorry but I love you,
will you leave,
and forget me slowly?
So that I can be in pain..
I am so sorry, but I really love you...

I put all my heart into this poem...
Other probably don't know..

Those words I said were lie..
I said that I am fine..
but, the truth is,
I am left alone behind..
and I lost in the mist of it all..

without my realisation,
I kept calling your name..
and in the morning,
I kept wondering where you are..
now, I am gonna change..
I will laugh everything off from now on..

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mr Simple awesome


Mr Simple, Mr Simple, Mr Simple, Mr Simple !!

video Super Junior album ke-5 yg paling awesome

nampak kan title yg aku type tuh?
serious, tak tipu.. lagu tu mmg awesome!
sikit lagi nk super awesome mcm lagu Sorry Sorry ni!!

yg aku paling teruja sekali,
bila tgk Ryeowook, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Sungmin!
Donghae, tarian dia yang paling DAEBAK!
Ryeowook, tarian cute and suara terbaik dia yang paling DAEBAK!
Sungmin, part solo dia yang paling DAEBAK!
Kyuhyun, part first yang dia nyanyi and lepas rap yang paling DAEBAK!

OMO, eotteokhae??
tadi pun, aku baru lepas tgk citer MIRACLE..
MC dia Shindong SJ, Eunhyuk SJ and Leeteuk SJ..
Eunhyuk, bukan je comel, malah dialah MC yang paling aku suka sekali selepas Jae Suk..
dia buat lawak, mmg jadi lah!
aku takkan boleh tahan gelak tiap2 kali dia buat lawak..
dalam Strong Heart pun dia macam tu jugak..
erm, agak2, orang marah tak kalau aku bagi dia yang jadi BIAS aku?
hahahah.... :D
(I already have one.. It is Ryeowook^^ )

okay, aku nak list kan semua lagu SuJu yang aku suka gila2 :

1. Sorry Sorry
2. Bonamana
3. No Other
4. It's You
5. U
6. Super Junior M - Super Girl
7. Mr Simple !!

erk... untuk pengetahuan korang, korang boleh click je mana2 lagu dalam senarai yang aku dah list kan tadi..
korang click je, nanti lagu yang aku maksudkan tu akan keluar.. ^^
style tak? aku listkan untuk korang yang view blog aku je.. :) :) :)

aku ada PMR ni..
esok, subjek first BM.. (Malay Language)
I don't know if I had ready enough..
but, semua yang cikgu ajar, I/Allah aku ingat.. :)

Esok - BM paper 1 and 2, Pendidikan Islam
Lusa - BI paper 1 and 2, Sejarah
Tulat - entah?? hahah.. aku kena tengok balik jadual EXAM aku.. :D

okay.. dah puas tgk SuJu..
and, tension dah hilang, dengan nervous2 sekali dah hilang..
rasanya.... XD
alright, annyeong!!

p/s : Tae Min is superb cute in MIRACLE SHOW! he imitates crab using all his energy, and ended funny! :D