Friday, October 7, 2011

Sorry, but I love you...


love is pain..
this is dedicated to all broken-hearted people.. :)

I am so sick of love songs,
that keeps saying love is like heaven..
I hate damn love songs, memento of ours..

A late night and rains falling down,
I bring you back from my memories,
I promised myself I would be fine without you..
But, I can't help it....

I had try to fill my empty heart,
A day without you is too long,
I pray that I may forget you..
That's a lie...

Without you,
happiness cannot be found in me..
I can't even shed any tears..
I don't want to live anymore....

It's sucks,
It's pissing me off,
in thoughts of you..
urgh, I am going crazy...
I want to see you,
but I am being told that I can't,
It's all over...

I am so sorry but I love you,
I didn't know,
but now I know that I need you..

I am so sorry but I love you,
I pushed you away with those piercing words,
without realising..

I am so sorry but I love you,
will you leave,
and forget me slowly?
So that I can be in pain..
I am so sorry, but I really love you...

I put all my heart into this poem...
Other probably don't know..

Those words I said were lie..
I said that I am fine..
but, the truth is,
I am left alone behind..
and I lost in the mist of it all..

without my realisation,
I kept calling your name..
and in the morning,
I kept wondering where you are..
now, I am gonna change..
I will laugh everything off from now on..

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