Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kyu Hyun think Donghae was the most strong heart guy.. :)


Kyuhyun: "This was my first time being away from home such as going for a long time abroad. Our fans provide warmth, but I still can not eliminate the longing of my parents. And it is the first time I understood Han Geng hyung. I want crying because I missed my parents. But donghae hyung always there to cheer me silent ". I know that hyung misses his parents more than other people-his father now in heaven, and his mother in Mokpo. Even if he does mention his dead father. Hyung never cried in front of the camera. Has a sensitive personality, hyung often wept. But because he had promised his father that he would not cry anymore because of sadness. Hyung was so handsome when he's strong "

Donghae oppa, please be strong..
I know that your heart is as fragile as glass..
but, you don't need to cry.. You have all the members around you..
and, you also have us, ELF.. we always support you, oppa...

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