Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Khaibar, we are the champion of 2013!!

Assalamualaikum.. Hi there!
it has been a long time since I updated my blog site.
Mianhae, because my home sweet home doesn't have any internet connection.
it was a luck that my sis visit our house and bring her wireless internet along.
It's a relief! :D

so, how does it going with my life?
currently in my school, we are having a Sports Day soon.
ever since last week, we have been competing against each other in various kind of games.
Some of it are Bola Sepak, Bola Tampar, Bola Jaring, Sepak Takraw, Balapan, Lontar Peluru (Shot Put), and etc.
argh, there's a lot of it! I can't list it down. tsk3

this year, they are only 4 teams.
Biru / blue (Khaibar), Kuning / yellow (Badar), Merah / red (Uhud), and Hijau / green (khandak).
we are naming all the teams based on the history way in Islam. it is cool~ ^^

me? I am in the blue team! Khaibar!!!

Watch carefully the picture above. Which one is me? thehehe.. I am the one who is wearing the cap. ^^

I didn't expect the picture will turn out to be this dazzling.
It will be a very memorable picture. I will keep it :)

em, actually..
there is a lot of things I am not satisfied with a certain team.
why? because they are currently in 1st place?
no no no no no..
I don't mind at all athough we are currently only in the 2nd position.
I still believe in Allah to create a BIG miracle.
but, this about, a FAIR and SQUARE game.
I do know they are eager to win. But, do they have to be so shameless till they have to betray the judge's trust?
do they really have to defend themselves although it is very obvious that they are wrong?? do they have to!?

I don't know if the FIRST PLACE is really that important till you have to kick aside all your shame sense.
I had tried to clear things up, but their supportive teacher's desire to win is stronger than expected.
what is the use of their win if they win it unfairly?
I don't know.
They answer it themselves with Allah soon. Wallahu 'alam.. :)

p/s :

Amukan~~~ Khaibar!! huh-huh-hah!!
Khaibar~~~ Taufan!! boo-ya-hah!!
Khaibar~~~ relaks!! woohoo~ be cool~~~~


Khaibar, Khaibar, Ya Yahud!
Jaisyu Muhammad, Saufa Ya'ud!

Birruh! Biddam!
Naqdi~ka, Ya Aqsa!!!

Goooooooooooooooooooooo~~~~~ KHAIBAR!!!!!!!!

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