Wednesday, January 30, 2013


nice to meet ya! :)

wah.. this year is so tiring....
I am an EXCO of MPP in multimedia, I am an EXCO of BADAR in multimedia,
and I am also the LEADER of my ENGLISH DEBATE CLUB!! ^^

this is gonna be so~~~oooo tiring...
but, I am sure it is gonna be so~~~~ooo thrilling!!
woohoo~! cannot wait..... ^^

please, wish me luck!
I am gonna be sitting a BIG examination this year.
It is.... SPM!!
*SPM is an exam that you need to pass it with a great and excellent result so that you can continue ur studies in college easily after you graduated from ur school*

cannot wait.. I wanna be an AWESOME English Lecturer.
Then, fly to SEOUL!! ^^

I really wanna meet all the B2UTY and ELF in Seoul.. can't wait! kekeke

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