Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lee Gi Kwang reason of his SHORT HEIGHT! ^^

hi there!
currently, I am watching all B2ST's related videos..
so thrilling!!

today, I just finish my examination.
huargh~ so tired!
because I have to use up all of my mind to memorise, teach my chingu, and to test my memorisation (exam lah!!)..
but, it is fine.. because I am the one who chose this path.
so, I have to bear with it.. ^^

where were we?
ah! B2ST's video!
yes3... a week ago, before exam, I did watch a show. (sorry, I can't remember which one)
it is being starred by Gikwang and his Dad.
they revealed the reason of Gikwang's shortness!!
I quite disbelieve at first, but then I look at myself.
I experienced the same thing. (hmmm.....)

It’s been known that BEAST’s Kikwang height difference with his members was evident. But on the recent episode of “Dalgona”, the true reason behind his “short” height was revealed.
Kikwang’s middle school transcript was revealed on the show and out of 11 classes, 9 of them received marks of “A”. Only Korean and Science received marks of “B”, just barely missing out on straight A’s. Kikwang’s father was first opposed to his son of becoming a celebrity because Kikwang was clearly on his way of getting to the top of his class. But hilariously, Kikwang’s father let loose a secret, “Gi Kwang is 99.9% perfect, but he was a 0.1% weakness, and that’s his short height. It’s because he didn’t sleep in his teens (when you grow the most) because he had to study and train as a singer at the same time. When Gi Kwang first passed the JYP audition, he was an outstanding student. But I was just concerned that if he doesn’t succeed as a singer, it would become very difficult for him to find a job without proper education. So I made him work hard both on his studies and practices.”
Kikwang’s official height on the website states that he is 170.5 cm tall (5′7″) but based on show appearances, he looks around 165 cm (5′5″).
Say what? I’m taller than Kikwang? Wait, he’s shorter than Yoseob? I had no idea. Anyhow, he’s almost perfect. Just 0.1% of attaining worldly perfection. And this is why, kiddos, you must sleep early when you’re in your teens. That and drink milk. And eat your veggies. And exercise.

Source : someone

omo, omo, omo~~
Gikwang's dad said that "I was worried that he might not be a successful singer and might be unemployed soon. That's why I ask him to focus on his study too. Doing two different things as a teenager were a very tiring things. That is the reason of his short height, he didn't sleep at night!"

thank you for concerning to our precious jewel of B2ST.
without you, I don't think what kind of man Gikwang will be.
because I love Gikwang's height.
He is just perfect the way he is. :)

Only one sentence from me,
and this sentence is truly from the bottom of my heart.

Lee Gi Kwang, thank you for being a singer. :)

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