Sunday, May 10, 2015

saeng-il chugha, byun baek.

late. I am so late, right?
idk what's gotten into me lately.

so, yeah.
happy birthday, byun baekhyun.
the wise and bright man, please remain that way. really.
'you are amazing that way'.

the moodmaker in exo, the title suits you well.
without you around, tho there's still jongdae and chanyeol, it won't be the same.
exo need the beagle line to stay happy and alive.
put aside all of the trouble that's getting in your way and just enjoy your life.
too much stress and pressure won't do you any good.
I am not sure if it is only me or you're really quiet much quieter lately.
please. Exo-L need the kkaebsong guy who always tease and prick on other members.

anyway, good luck! 
I hope things will continue going well for you.
well, yeah. you deserve it.
every single human in this life deserves happiness.
hwaiting :)

p/s : one of the reason why he is the best moodmaker : he knows exactly how to lighten the mood of a certain situation, it is either by saying a very cheeeeeesy line or making lame puns. XD

"take me now. I am yours~"

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