Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunny unnie, Saeng-il Chugha!!

saeng-il chukhahamnida~ saeng-il chukhahamnida~
saranghaeyo, Sunny unnie~~
saeng-il chukhahamnida~~~~~~~~

banzai~! banzai~!!!
do you know what day is today?
it is 15th May, Sunny unnie birthday!!!

you're already 24 years old today.
wah, unexpected!
you've the same age with my oppa!
my oppa born in July, 30th July 1989!
it's such a coincidence~~
or.... a fate? ^^
pfft~~~ never! SONE will get mad at me soon.

I wish the best for you, unnie!
I've been your big fans since your Gee album.
Soonkyu unnie, saranghae!
Seo Nyuh Shi Dae, saranghae!!!!!

Happy Birthday, unnie!
SONE wish you all the best!
Aja~ Aja~ FIGHTING!!!!

I can't stop myself from admitting that
I really love her I GOT A BOY album hairstyle..
it's really cute!! ^^

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