Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kyuhyun the evil!!! ^^

omo!! *shocked*
this month I was seriously busy..
I miss you, my blog... hukhuk...
it had been a long of time I didn't upgrade you..
mianhaeyo... jeongmal mianhae!!
but, even I didn't upgrade you, you're already awesome, wasn't it? *bling bling*

alright, alright..
so, how about this new image of my blog?
it's more colourful, right?
yeah.. someone's complaint to me,
"fzzy-ah.. ur blog are getting more bored with the same background image..
why don't you try to make it more colourful and brighter? yours now
are a bit darky and still the same for a month!"
yeah, yeah..
bcause she kept on complaining, I rush to my laptop and broadband, I connect
to internet as fast as I can..
I click fastly on the 'search' the word ''
and........ I changed it!!
but, it still SJ.. I don't know why but my mood is always with SJ..
even when I'm tensed doing the PREZI bla3, I will watch SJ variety show
to release all my tension..
it's quite working, don't ya know?? ^^
have you tried it? sure it works on you too!! (if you are ELF like me)

there's a bunch of Variety Show starred by SJ I have watched,
only in this week!! muahahahaha.......... :D

there's a new thing I learn about Kyuhyun..
he may look innocent on stage and Happy Camp,
but he was truly an evil guy when he hang around with SJ member,
especially when he was alone with my Wookie..
he will never miss a chance bullying him eventhough Ryeowook oppa is older..
hahahaha, you're such an evil guy, Kyuhyun!! :D

alright, that's all..
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!
Jeongmal mianhaeyo!! because I write everything in English!!
urgh~~~ am I have been attack with English Love Disease??
*sigh* how would I know... =='

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