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EunHyuk SUPER JUNIOR behind the scene of MV 'Dont Say Anymore'

[F.I.X. Mv "Don't Say Anymore" behind the scene - Starring EunHyuk & JiEun.]

Eunhyuk : Although we didn't kiss, but we have to be very close to each other, so I find it difficult. I am thankful to be selected for this MV because I've never worked with an actress before. Ryeowook's cousin is in FIX, so he should act in this MV. But I'm chosen because I'm a little more handsome than him. I am nervous because it's my first time being the main actor of a music video.

credit : 고모(Clarissa)

note!! please focus to this point!!
Ryeowook's cousin is in FIX, so he should act in this MV. But I'm chosen because I'm a little more handsome than him.

I repeat : EunHyuk said 'I'm chosen because I'm a little more handsome than him' !!

OMG.. What!?
no!! it isn't true!! you are chosen, just because you're taller than him..
not because of face!! I repeat, not because of your GOOD LOOKING!!
urgh~~ I can't said this at Eunhyuk fanpage because, yeah.. dah nma pun EUNHYUK fanpage..
but, we are ELF.. they shouldn't post something like this..
I wish I can tell this to Ryeowook's twitter page..
but, my twitter account can't be opened.. I forgot the password.. hihihi

but oppa, don't worry..
I'm always here to back-up you.. :)
I promise.. PINKY PROMISE!! ^^

special selitan :

EH: Hello ETN Entertaintment Station
JJ: I am Jang JiEun
EH: And I am Eunhyuk. Nice to meet you.
MC: The new 4-member boy group FIX and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk who came out to help
MC: I will take you to the sets of the music video for FIX’s hot debut song ‘Don’t talk’
MC: FIX’s ‘Don’t Talk’ music video set
MC: There is a woman who seems extremely lonely. Where is the other actor?
EH: Hello
MC: There he is, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk
MC: As soon as he arrives, the two will work together as a couple
JJ: Hello, I am a new actor, Jang JiEun
EH: Hello, I am Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. We are Super Junior…
EH: We are at the set of the new group FIX’s music video for its debut song ‘Don’t talk’
MC: The two will be acting as a couple. Aren’t you curious what this would be like?
EH: It’s not a kiss, but we have to shoot until the part right before a kiss. It’s hard.
MC: Do you like the actor?
EH: Of course. Thank you. I’ve never done this with an actress. Thank you. I will do my best.
MC: One of the members of the new group FIX is a cousin of Super Junior’s Ryeowook.
EH: Director, am I supposed to open my eyes or close them?
MC: It is Eunhyuk’s first time acting with an actress. Could it be because of that that he seems nervous?
MC: Eunhyuk, relax.
MC: The shooting continued.
MC: Their lips seems to touch but not quite.
MC: Compared to Eunhyuk, who seemed nervous, Jang JiEun led him with her calmness
DR: Okay, good!
EH: I miss it..
MC: The two sit together to monitor their acting. Do you like how the scene came out?
(Why did you decide to appear in their music video?)
EH: Jungwook, one of the members of FIX, is a cousin of our member Ryeowook
EH: Ryeowook was probably going to appear, but since I was a bit better looking, I came.
FIX: Hello! F.I.X. FIX! Nice to meet you!
FIX: We are a new group and Eunhyuk sunbaenim came to help us, we came by to learn and to say hello
MC: During the short break, Eunhyuk met up with FIX
EH: We look like we are part of one group, right?
FIX: We are Super Junior!
(Is there any advise that you could give them as a sunbae?)
EH: Nothing special, but thinking back to when Super Junior had just debuted, because we had a lot of members, it cost us a lot of food and other things.
EH: If you don’t save up the money when you are starting, you can run out of money
EH: So, if you save up some money from food or rental for the dorms now, you can earn a fortune later. Hwaiting
MC: This time, Eunhyuk was in front of the camera all by himself
MC: Eunhyuk has to act out the emotions of a man that is refusing to breakup with the woman
EH: I am nervous because it’s my first time. It’s the first time I was the main. Even our music videos are not like this.
EH: Also, the hardest part is that I’ve never been dumped. So, I don’t know how I’m supposed to act.
EH: ETN Entertaintment Station, we are at the FIX’s music video set. This winter, please listen to this song and I hope that the couples will not break up. Please anticipate the new group FIX as well.
EH: We were
JJ: Jnag JiEun
EH: And Eunhyuk
JJ AND EH: Thank you

credit to : (Gen)

*Super Junior’s Ryeowook becomes a DJ of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio*

Super Junior’s Ryeowook told his feelings about becoming a DJ of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio with Sungmin.

On December 6, Ryeowook tweeted, “I became a radio DJ!!! Thank you for Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio family for greeting me~.”

After finishing his first DJing, he also tweeted, “For people who stayed with me on the historic moment on December 5, please stay with me continuously. Thank you. Sincerely, Ryeowook.”

Ryeowook started DJing from December 5, succeeding Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

People responded: “Ryeowook and Sungmin, congratulations for becoming DJs,” “I’ll be continuously with you on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” “I’m sure you can do it well. Go, Ryeowook!”

Source: Starnews
Translation by: eternalc2h | Korea.com

credit to : (Kara)

Choi Siwon and Han Ji Min smile for the camera

Super Junior’s Siwon uploaded a photo to his Twitter where actress Han Ji Min and himself posed professionally for the camera, both looking comfortable in each others’ presence.

“With the beautiful Ji Min noona during a CF shoot! She will be greeting her viewers in the new Kdrama ‘Padam Padam‘. This is one that I’m personally so excited for; please show your support by tuning in to JTBC channel 15 at 8:45PM.”

Siwon is seen wearing comfortable clothes, a dark olive green T-shirt that wraps around his body displaying his well-build body. On the other hand, Han Ji Min simply wore an elegant white dress. Both with a wide smile on their faces.

Credit: Siwon’s Twitter, Ningin
Shared on sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by elf101586

Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2011 – Super Junior
Credit: mashable.com
Reupload and Posted by: Destinyhae
main source : ELF FANPAGE

Super Junior also ranks #4 on "Top 10 Trending Musical Artist of 2011!" (cr:@mashable via:@baechuteuk)

*Super Junior quashes break-up rumours*

PETALING JAYA: Amid rumours of a possible break-up, top Korean pop band Super Junior showed solidarity by turning up at a press gathering for M LIVE by CJ MO.A Live 2011, a Malaysian K-pop concert which they headlined, alongside f(x), Miss A and B1A4.

The band, comprising Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, assured their Malaysian fans who came in full force to support their concert at MBPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya yesterday that everything was “fine and dandy” within the band.

“We don’t face much difficulty as a band,” Leeteuk said.

Still going strong: Super Junior posing during a press gathering for M LIVE yesterday.

“Everyone is playful and happy together. We’re always having fun.”

Formed in 2005, Super Junior started as a 13-member band.

The equally talented boys played an instrumental role in promoting the hallyu (Korean hitwave) abroad for the past six years with their commercially-successful albums like U, Sorry, Sorry, Bonamana and Mr Simple.

While Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana have propelled the boys to superstardom in Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines, their latest studio album, Mr Simple has peaked at No 3 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

Source: Malaysia Star | By NOORSILA ABD MAJID

‘Mr. Simple’ Music Video 3D Version Filming
Credit: SuperJunior爱上LG

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