Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kyu Hyun weird and funny in Come To Play! XD

in COME TO PLAY, hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and a woman who I don't know her name,
Wonder Girls and 5 member of Super Junior come to the show..
Sun Ye (leader) , Yoo Bin, So Hee, Ye Eun and Hye Rim (maknae) from WONDER GIRLS
Lee Teuk (leader), Dong Hae, Hee Chul, Shin Dong and Kyu Hyun (maknae) from SUPER JUNIOR

the most part I like was when Jae Suk ask everyone on their reaction when they were called by their fans..
Shin Dong mentioned Si Won, Eun Hyuk and Sung Min style..
Si Won will waive his three fingers to her fans, Eun Hyuk will raise his thumb, while Sung Min will act like holding a gun, shoot and blow the gun after done that..
then, they asked the maknae style of responding to their fans...
Everyone were asking them to act with each other..
The first one to try was Kyu Hyun.. So, Hye Rim must act as his fan.. But, she called Kyu Hyun oppa with a low tune of voice..
Everyone were laughing..
Then, they ask Hye Rim to give it a try... so, Kyu Hyun called him...
Unfortunately, Kyu Hyun might be so nervous, till he can't remembered her name..
He called Hye Rim three times, 'Hee Rit, Hee Rit, Hee Rit' ..
Hye Rim was so tensed up when Kyu Hyun said her name like that...
Everyone in the show were laughing continuously..

thanks to Hye Rim and Kyu Hyun, the maknaes, for creating an exciting atmosphere during the show!
I was so delighted because of them... :) :) :)

I will watch a bunch of korean variety show next time...
after my PMR examination for sure... Aigoo......

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