Monday, August 15, 2011

JEONGMIN revealed JO TWINS same behaviour :D

YOUNGMIN talk to the VJ
eng trans

I'm the elder, Youngmin
When we were kids, we always did the same things
Whenever I fell from a swing, I was never injured
When we film CFs, I always have Kwangmin with me

JEONGMIN interrupts

the twins, when we go to salon
they will walk in to get changed
and will start to fight
when one of them changed their hair colour
the other one will want to change to the same colour
then I thought, they are just twins,
but the guests think they are weird

conclusion : the JO TWINS hair colour is the only different.. :D



Hello? This is Kwangmin~!!!
Today, the amount of snow melting is a lot (because of) the fans’ huge cheers.
I really really really feel good, it was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, the huge cheers is our fans’ cheer is really the loudest!!!!!
Will you always be our cham~~~~~~pion??
Oh!!! But today when we heard about our fans that can’t get in, it upset meᅮᅮUwaaaa~~~ak*
This heart of mine is breaking…..heukheuk**
Everyone wanted to see us…..
They even cheer us from the outside on the streets, I cant believe it could be like this!?$&^%$
Next time, we’ll surely play together!!!! I’m sure the board would like to hear your loud cheers right??
Until then, bye bye**

I am jjang!!!kekeke

*a sound of crying
**a sound of sobbing
***Kwangmin wrote this in Hangul letters but in an English way of saying.

Note: Translations are not 100% accurate :)

cr: Boyfriend’s Fan Cafe and | imzee

(Source: jotwins)

[TRANS] [110709] Minwoo OLD Fan Cafe Update

Hello ᄋ_ᄋ!
This is Boyfriend’s Minwoo!!
Its been a long time since I last wrote here!!!ᄒᄒ
I have a lot to say but I can’t seem to rememberᅲᅮ

Ah~!! After Music Core, when our car pass by~

We wanted to open our car window so we can greet everyone
Ssing ssing* It was too dangerous that you could trip over because of the wind so I just stayed in the car….

You should not get hurt!! Right? hehe
But all of us in the car together waved and greet you..!! Really!! We worked really hard!!**
Sometimes even tap***… hehe

At the outside, we can see it from the inside
When we look from the inside, we see you shaking your plan card**** so hard
You didn’t see our respond from the inside kekeke we’re blushing… ᄋ.ᄋ ;; < So, Minwoo has to go now…!he Let’s meet again~~~♥ My girlfriend(s) is revealed!!!! My daughter as well hehe

YESMINWOO <-- Min Woo fan name :)

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